Antares OC1 - $4600 USD

Antares OC1 - $4600 USD

Formed from a thousand training sessions, hardened in a hundred contests and polished by a passionate craftsman. The Antares is the fastest, most efficient and versatile canoe from champion designer Kai Bartlett.


With an evolved rocker and a streamlined bow the Antares is optimized to perform in a variety of conditions. The Antares maintains the rough water edge of the Scorpius line while improving glide in the flat. Paddler ergonomics have been overhauled with a deeper footwell that allows the rider to sit higher and reach further.


Antares is built with Ozone’s innovative monocoque 100% carbon construction. Lighter, faster, stronger.


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  • Construction

    • 100% carbon layup
    • One piece monocoque construction
    • 3x atmosphere cure
    • Hybrid epoxy polyurethane marine paint
  • Features

    • Full carbon i’akos
    • Full carbon rudder with titanium shaft
    • High density foam core hull for added stiffness
    • Full carbon pedals
    • Mono footwell with double drain
    • Self centering rudder (safety feature)
  • Details

    • LOA: 20′ 8″
    • Beam: 16′
    • Weight: 18 lbs
    • Dyneema steering cables
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