Ehukai OC1 - $4600 USD

Ehukai OC1 - $4600 USD

From the creator of the Pueo comes Ehukai, designed by Johnny Puakea.  Evolved from its predecessors, this canoe challenges previous limitations.


The narrow bow and low volume allow for easy pick up and acceleration. The maneuverability of this canoe enables the rider to respond to changing conditions quickly.

A narrow footwell allows blade entry closer to the hull, offering efficiency with each stroke. The Ehukai also comes with a footwell cover which sheds water from the footwells.


The Ehukai is built with Ozone’s innovative monocoque 100% carbon construction. Lighter, stronger, faster.


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  • Construction

    • 100% carbon layup
    • One piece monocoque construction
    • 3x atmosphere cure
    • Hybrid epoxy polyurethane marine paint
  • Features

    • Full carbon i’akos
    • Full carbon rudder with titanium shaft
    • High density foam core hull for added stiffness
    • Full carbon pedals
    • Mono footwell with double drain
    • 100% carbon foot-well cover (removable)
  • Details

    • LOA: 21′
    • Beam: 15 7/8″
    • Hull weight: 19lbs
    • Dyneema steering cables
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